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Uncategorized / Off / January 7, 2019

Because of its beneficial location has unquestionably become the center of olive tree cultivation and production of olive oil.
132.000.000 trees! 60% of the Greek arable terrain is dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees. Despite its small size, Greece is positioned third in the global production of olive oil plain, Greece is using the most advanced methods and technologies that rank it high in international competitions. Greece is the largest producer of black olives in the world variety of olives internationally. The basic element of the Mediterranean nutrition, which praise all those who have studied and analyzed this subject, it is not only vastly salutary but very tasty and abundant in Greece. Olive oil is rich vitamin E monounsaturated greases and antioxidant substances.
Those substances act salutary in flavor of the good condition of stomach, the duodenum and the cardiovascular system as well as the stabilization of the “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Its also believed that olive oil helps in the prevention of some forms of cancer and osteoporosis.

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