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ouzo the miracle worker - OUZO THE MIRACLE WORKER.


Uncategorized / Off / January 7, 2019

Ouzo is a Greek traditional product that is produced by distilling pure earth materials. Specifically, as the base, it uses distillate from grain, which is placed in bronze coppers and aromatised through the procedure of distillation with herbs and nuts, with a predominant, the anise which gives it its characteristic flavour.
It is produced exclusively in Greece where it is consumed widely, while it is exported abroad. It belongs in the category of distilled spirits.
The production process of ouzo excels other distilled beverages as it is obtained by distillation while the majority are a result from mixing aromatic seeds.
The island of Lesbos and specifically Plomari, is thought to be the home of ouzo and not incidentally since the area has a long tradition in the production of ouzo. Here, the ouzo began being produced in the 19th century by Greek families and is distilled until today in the same traditional way.
Plomari is a blessed place in which nature has generously endowed. Its geographical location, which was a commercial port between Europe and Asia, the sea and the rich ground allowed the local producers to create ouzo of excellent quality. The residents of Plomari, travelled cosmopolitans, sailors and merchants, was a wealthy class who knew how to enjoy the pleasures of life. That is how the trades and exports of ouzo developed.
Ouzo was loved so much by the Greeks and foreigners that is is known as the national drink of Greece. Today, the name and origin of ouzo are protected by the European Union (PGI-Protected Geographical Indication), which means they can not be produced anywhere else, except in Greece.
The phrase Ouzo Plomari is also a Protected Geographical Indication, certifying the excellent quality of ouzo that is produced in the region.

In this plant, it contains organic chemical substances call terpenes. Multiple studies have shown that terpenes are substances which show significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. Among other features, they have powerful antioxidants that protect cells and body tissues from free radicals, which cause many diseases.


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